Litigation and arbitration

Unjustified absenteeism, falsified work stoppage, social benefit fraud, theft… labour disputes are long, complex and can cause significant financial damage to your company. CORPGUARD INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS, liaising with your lawyers, will assist you in gathering evidence that is admissible in court.

Every year in France, more than 140,000 new cases are registered by the Labour Court. Whatever their nature, disputes between employers and employees can be very costly for the company. Moreover, they can impact its image and generate possible moral damage.

Helping you to gather evidence admissible in court

Many aspects need to be considered when a dispute goes to a civil court, especially in terms of evidence. As the employer, you will have to provide evidence to support your case. However, in order to be admissible in court, the evidences collected must comply with the law and respect the principles of legality, fairness and proportionality.

Whatever the dispute, it is during this process of adducing proof that our teams, liaising with your lawyers, will collect the evidences and present them in a detailed report.

This methodology will enable you to support your arguments or to build a request for the appointment of a bailiff in charge of drafting the statement of facts or establishing proof of behaviour contrary to the contractual obligations of the employee.

In addition to defending your interests before employment tribunals, the evidence gathered during our investigations may result in the case being referred to the civil judicial authorities. Our due diligence process allows us to administer the behaviours constituting the offences of social fraud, unfair competition, theft, etc.