Fraud and loss prevention

Each year, fraud, loss and counterfeiting cost companies more than €4 billion. Goods and equipment thefts, embezzlement of cash, are believed to account for up to 10% of the sales turnover of some of these companies. Corpguard can help you to deal with those matters, by providing evidence of the fellony and enabling legal action to be taken.

Providing evidence in order to initiate legal action

Whether it involves theft of products or equipment, fraud, loss, possibly accompanied by receiving or reselling stolen goods, your company will have to provide evidence of the felony in order to initiate legal action. You will need to be accompanied by a legal advisor and to rely on solid expertise in intelligence, investigation and administration of evidence.

Using the services of CORPGUARD INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS to tackle fraud, loss and counterfeitinG

CORPGUARD INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS provide its clients with the means they need to tackle fraud, loss and counterfeiting. Our support allows them to identify the causes and origins of such misbehavior. By analysing loss rates, we can define and confirm the operating procedures to be implemented to prove fraud, theft or misappropriation.  

We will provide you with intelligence gathering professionals who have an in-depth grasp of the human, financial and digital investigation techniques that will be used to compile the evidence / proof needed to defend your interests.

The confidential intervention performed by our private investigators Allows the collection of information to demonstrate to judges the wrongful nature of the behaviour of a competitor or an employee.