In the context of dispute resolution related to unfair competition, fraud or informations leaks, the tracks left on your company’s digital media may be able to provide important evidence and arguments that can be used in your defence. Our expertise enables us to find these traces, exploit them and turn them into evidence admissible in court.

Our digital investigations employ the various methods used to gather, preserve and analyse open-source information. Our investigations involve an exhaustive search of data that is available and accessible on your company’s various digital networks. We also browse the net much wider to look at:

  • The Web in general terms,
  • Databases managed by the regional, national and international press,
  • All accessible trade registers,
  • Open data bases, such as land registries,
  • Technical databases,
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook, Instagram…),
  • The “deep web” and all dubious forums hosting online discussions.

This in-depth study makes it possible to draw up an initial photofit picture of the targets of the investigation, to delimit their perimeter and then to carry out further research in the best possible way.

Retrieving data from electronic media, even after it has been deleted

Digital forensics is a key stage in performing investigations. It can freeze data held on hard disks, USB sticks or telephones (landline or mobile), and then analyse and process it, so that it can be turned into evidence admissible in court.

We are able to :

  • Analyse the content of hard disks on mobile phones, smartphones, laptops or desktop computers,
  • Retrace browser history and email account use,
  • Retrieve deleted data,
  • Determine whether evidence has been destroyed or compromised,
  • Assist you with the enforcement of an ex parte order obtained under Article 145 of the Code of Civil Procedure and accompany the bailiff’s intervention.