In which cases do you need the private investigations expertise of CORPGUARD Intelligence Solutions?

Theft, fraud, trafficking, unfair competition, customer misappropriation, counterfeiting, swindling, search for digital evidence… the field of intervention of Corpguard Intelligence Solutions covers all aspects of economic crime that impacts companies.

Corpguard Intelligence Solutions guarantees:

In France, the law regulates and controls the exercise of the profession of “private detective”. The Conseil National Supérieur des Activités Privées de Sécurité (CNAPS) issues the mandatory authorizations to practice.

Corpguard Intelligence Solutions holds all the administrative authorizations issued by the National Council for Private Security Activities (CNAPS):

  • the establishment authorization (AUT)
  • Managing Director’s authorization (AGD)
  • the Private investigator licence (CAR)

Furthermore, we are the only private investigation company to be ISO 18788 certified. This certification attests to the perfect mastery of our security operations management system.

Finally, Corpguard holds the mandatory and regulatory ESARP 2017/2022 certification.

As regard of the production of evidence in both criminal and civil cases, the help of a private detective agency allows to speed up independent and reactive investigations and the elements of which are admissible in Court.

In the field of economic crime, private detective agencies also offer an alternative to public investigation services and a particularly effective legal solution for litigants.

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CounterfeIting and unfair competitive practices prevention


Fraud and loss prevention




Litigation and arbitration